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“PANCHARATNA GRAMYA BIKASH KENDRA” was established in year 1996 with non-political, non-profit & non-religious motive promoted by Sri Mahendra Baishya and few of his socially motivated volunteers. The main aims of the organization has been to create employment opportunities and strengthen livelihoods amongst unemployed youth, women, farmers, daily wage earners and village artisans through effective utilization of local resources, make provisions for providing exposure to them for adoption of scientific technologies in their income generating vocations. The objectives of the organization are as mentioned below: 

–    Promote financial discipline amongst villagers by creation of Self Help Groups
–    Linking SHG’s to mainstream banks
–    Providing entrepreneurship & skill development trainings to unemployed youths and village artisans 
–    Provide basic financial services to villagers and urban poor through microfinance intervention  
–    Provide immediate relief response at times natural disasters like floods and earthquakes 
–    Protecting environment by plantation and awareness generation activities 
–    Work for livelihood promotion amongst poorest of the poor
–    Creating general awareness amongst rural people on issues like livelihoods, environment     protection, health & hygiene and other socially relevant issues. 
–    Arranging workshops and seminars on socially relevant issues
–    Work for rehabilitation of displaced after natural calamities
For achieving its objectives “PANCHARATNA GRAMYA BIKASH KENDRA” has taken up following activities as mentioned below –

–    Formation & Linkages of SHGs
–    Livelihood generation
–    Skill up-gradation & entrepreneurship development trainings 
–    Microfinance
–    Disaster management
–    Plantation for environment & economy



Values of Organization

    Committed                    -To remain committed to achieve the institutional objective
    Honesty                       -To be honest with all stakeholder of the institution
    Leadership by example    -To lead by example to bring and work as team
    Professional                  -To follow and implement to best of systems

Legal status

–    Registered as Society bearing Registration No. RS/NAL/246/A/53
–    Registered under FCRA bearing Registration No : 020640004
–    12 (A) exemption from Income Tax Department
–    PAN No. AAAAP30498

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